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CIP Cleaning System

CIP cleaning procedure

  Water rinse——hot caustic water wash——rinse lye——hot acid and alkali liquid——rinse with water

  CIP cleaning device as that is, no decomposition of production equipment, may also use the simple approach of safety automatic cleaning system, widely introduced to all food, beverage and pharmaceutical factories.

   In the food processing, cleaning and sanitation is the first one, it must adopt measures to prevent any contamination off food. So CIP cleaning equipment is very important, it can effectively control the resulting high organic waste, microorganisms, bacteria etc., and equipment, pipe and tank forcibly cleaned by the CIP cleaning cycle fluid, do not need any dismantlement, reduce the labor intensity. CIP cleaning device can not only washing machines, but also control the method of microorganisms -cleaning.

CIP cleaning device have the following advantages:
1. Rationalizes the production plans and increase productivity.
2. Compared with hand washing, it not only affects the cleaning effect by the operator does the differences, but also could improve the quality of product.
3. Prevent the risk of cleaning operations, and saving labor.
4. Can save cleaning agents, steam, water and production costs.
5. Can increase the use age of machine parts.
6. CIP cleaning device sub-manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic three kinds of choice for users.
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